SNN News Digest (November 4, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Luna CorrespondentRelief ships lost

In the aftermath of the Luna crisis, a humanitarian relief effort was quickly set up and supplies of food, water and oxygen, as well as other amenities for displaced civilians.

Today, reports have come in of unusually severe piracy and accidents in Luna space. Shipments of humanitarian relief have been disappearing. Ships report attacks from well-equipped pirates, either taking their cargo and releasing the crew or taking the ship and allowing the crew to eject. Contact with several cargo vessels has been lost, leading authorities to suspect not all crews have been released.

SevCol Security warns all crews operating on the Luna relief route to be careful and enter into convoys for their own protection.


from our Luna CorrespondentSaturn helps Red Moon Faction

An unusual number of ships from Saturn have appeared in Lunar space territory. Various reports have come in that Saturn ships have been spotted docked at several RMF-controlled sites, like the GreenTree Oxygen production facility in orbit, and the Lovell warehouse on the surface of Luna.

Since the RMF ideologies line up quite nicely with the Saturn culture, it’s not surprising Saturn may have come to the aid of the Red Moon Faction. However, it is unclear at this point whether the Saturn support has been issued by the Saturn planetary council, or whether it’s just a few rogue ships coming to the aid of the RMF. No official statements have been released so far.

This support might bolster the Red Moon Faction, giving them enough resources to actually achieve their goal of gaining superiority on Luna. At this point, the RMF might have control of certain vital facilities, but they are not powerful enough to overtake the whole colony. Even with the aid of a few Saturn ships the RMF is not guaranteed a strategic advantage, since there are many more factions with unknown resources who are struggling for control of the colony.

Let’s just hope the populace of Luna will not suffer too much in this struggle for control.


from our Luna correspondentMisplaced Aid to Luna

After the recent death of Luna’ leader, Tony Branson, SevCol has quickly started to send aid to the citizens of Luna. These people have suffered under the embargoes of both SevCol and their own government, and were running low on several essential supplies. This problem was exacerbated significantly with the chaos following Mr. Branson unfortunate demise.

The aid sent by SevCol took many forms. It started out with sending ships to lend whatever aid possible, which turned out to turn into sporadic police-like activity, as they attempted to create some order in the chaos. However, the lack of direction for these sorties, meant that sporadic aid may have been given, but the overall chaos doesn’t seem to have been mitigated. Some Lunar citizens complain that SevCol has merely added another party to the already chaotic struggle for power on the colony.

This problem can also be seen in a slightly different form, with the second, more organized, attempt at aid by SevCol. After sending the first wave of relief ships, they have created a more organized wave of aid of merchant and cargo ships, to send essential supplies to the stricken colony. The problem is, that these supplies invariably end up in distribution centers on the Lunar surface, but there is currently no stable government to oversee its distribution. Instead, reports have been sent in that these distribution centers have become targets for warring parties on the colony, who then hold the critical supplies ransom, to strengthen their power positions.

All of this leaves the other colonies and SevCol in a rather peculiar position, where sending aid merely helps one warring party or another. So, what should the other colonies and SevCol do? Join the discussion on our forum and let your voice be heard.


from our entertainment CorrespondentSolar system’s most popular MMO to become even bigger!

Gamers around the solar system are going crazy over the news that was just released at the E4 (Extraterrestrial Electronic Entertainment Expo) on Mars, as the online videogame company Tempest just announced an upcoming expansion for their hit game “World of Spacecraft” after a long period of silence from the developers. Fans of the game had been anticipating a sequel to their favorite form of escapism for a while now, stating that the game was long overdue for “a new meta”.

The expansion, titled “The Oxidizing Drive”, will add a lot of new content as well as bring some other well needed changes. Players will have a whole new corner of the galaxy to explore now that the Onyx Zealots have been pushed back, as they take the fight to the home of evil itself called “The Void”. This zone is promised to add new quests, raids, and PvP zones while raising the current level cap to 300, and adding a couple of new playable races such as the Mechazoids and the Gringleboofs. Apart from this, the game will receive a full visual upgrade, and optimize VR controls for the hardcore gamers who want an even more immersive experience.

On a more controversial note, Tempest has announced several races and classes to be rebalanced. For instance, the Flarmbogon race will be nerfed due to their seemingly ridiculous multitasking bonus due to their additional appendages, and the traditional classes such as Marines, Medics and Engineers get a full rework of their current role and certification system. Most surprisingly however is that the Space-Diplomat is apparently receiving a huge boost in power. Avid players predict that this class might become the most powerful class in the upcoming expansion.

Fans of World of Spacecraft will not have to wait for long, since The Oxidizing Drive is to be released on March 1st 2181, at an acceptable price of 50 credits.

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