SNN News Digest (November 3, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Luna CorrespondentRed Moon Faction makes Horizon complex suffer under lack of oxygen

Reports from the Horizon complex on the Lunar surface indicate that their oxygen supply was threatened to be turned off when they didn’t agree to join the Red Moon Faction.

The local administrator Rickey Mortez of the Horizon township did not agree to the terms the RMF put forward during initial negotiations, which basically coerced the entire township to join the faction. Subsequently the oxygen percentage within the compound dropped to 14 percent, severely affecting the possibility to perform physical activity by all inhabitants. Andrea Ensslin, the leader of the Red Moon Faction, replied to the pleas of the Horizon’s residents that there just wasn’t enough oxygen to go around to supply everyone, but the citizens feel like they are being pressured to give in to the RMF demands and join the faction in order to get an appropriate amount of oxygen to keep the colony and its inhabitants functioning properly.


from our Luna CorrespondentEndeavour digs in

Endeavour, the Jovian company which is heavily represented on Luna, seems to distance themselves and all of their personnel from the current unrest in the Lunar colony.

The following message has been intercepted by one of our SNN informants on the surface of Luna:

All Employees of Endeavour Computer Systems on Luna.
Endeavour Security Office (Luna Branch)

The recent upheaval on Luna has caused great disruption to us all, but for Endeavour employees there is nothing to fear! Our well-equipped and superbly trained security personnel will use the most modern equipment and finest tactics to safeguard all Endeavour assets. Remember, Endeavour employees are an important asset in our corporate strategy!

All Endeavour Computer Systems territory and employees are securely defended by our tireless and ever watchful Corporate Security troops. Regrettably, for the foreseeable future we are unable to extend our services to non-corporate interests.

Those wishing to join the Endeavour Family may file an application at the nearest corporate entry office. We currently have openings in the field of: Security, Logistics, Construction, Lower Management, Fabrication, Small arms maintenance.


from our Luna correspondentMessage to the citizens of Luna

The following message has been send by the former minister of Education, Micah Al-Sahaf, to all Luna citizens:

Dear readers,

We, the people of Luna, face our biggest challenge that we have ever encountered.

After the tragic loss of our beloved leader, many parties now vie for the position of leadership. But, I say, none of them will hold themselves to the values that we hold dear, the values that Tony Branson has always upheld: Progress through technology, a fair society which places value to those working hard in it, and maintaining independence from the big corporations.

With SevCol attempting to interfere in our process of improving the status of humanity, there is almost no group we can turn to. And, as we have always been at the forefront of technology, we can not give in to their demands, no matter how bad the situation gets. Clearly, we must choose to expel all these influences from our colony ourselves.

Make no mistake, I do not say that we should abandon our trade, communication, let alone our good connections with the other colonies. But for now, we must focus on rebuilding what we had. We should appoint a new government from our own people, and reject all outside influences, so that we can once again have a stable government. From there, we can once again negotiate favorable trade agreements with the rest of humanity.

To this end, I implore the good citizens of Luna to resist. Do not give in to the demands of all these small terroristic organizations. Make no mistake, they may be loud, but they are few. Do not needlessly surrender your life, but resist where possible. Make it known that you will not submit to any government that was not chosen by the Luanian people. Our vote will once again appoint a leader, which will show us the way to improve Luna, by improving the techniques and technology that all of mankind uses.

So, do as we would all expect from Luna citizens: Be smart. Do not make yourselves a target, but let your voice be heard. Make your resistance unnoticed, even if it is small, because rest assured, it will be one of many.

Thank you for your time, and I am sure I will hear from all of you soon.

Micah Al-Sahaf, former minister of Education

One thought on “SNN News Digest (November 3, 2180)

  1. Curious how Micah Al-Sahaf tells people to not join ‘small terrorist organisations’ yet he himself is part of the most volatile terrorist organisation, DeFans of Luna, as can be seen on his SevBook account.

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