SNN News Digest (November 22 – December 8, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Luna correspondentThe current status of Luna

An attempt to give an overview of the goings-on at Luna for the past few weeks, and the current state of humanities first colony:

Over the past few weeks, a semblance of order has finally started to take shape on the surface of Earth’s moon. The many skirmishes and sometimes small battles that have taken place are slowly dying down, as more and more of the small splinter groups that were trying to take a hold of some of the power, are handing in their armaments.

To recap, right after the unfortunate demise of Mr. T. Branson, there was a clear power vacuum. Mr. Branson has always filled an important role in the managing of this colony, and his absence was clearly felt. Many splinter groups quickly tried to take advantage of the situation, often grabbing vital locations such as water and air purifiers, to start making demands. These demands sometimes included financial compensation, but were usually about steering the colony towards a new future that they envisioned.

This sentiment of wanting to steer the direction, likely stemmed from the months long unrest on Luna, as the SevCol-Luna disagreement raged on. While not in a state that the lives of the citizens were in danger, it cannot be denied that the protracted nature of the disagreement led to concrete hardships for the citizens of Luna. And this is likely to have led to disgruntlement amongst several groups. With Mr. Branson out of the way, they saw the opportunity to steer Luna towards a new path.

How so many of these groups were able to grab strategic locations this quickly after Mr. Branson’s demise, and how they managed to obtain their armaments, we may possibly never know. However, as there were so many of them, vying for control at the same time, none of them were able to get a position to actually persuade of force a significant amount of the Lunar citizens to their cause.

Amongst this chaos, one former Lunar minister attempted to improve the situation. He called for the neutral citizens to stay safe, but to try and undermine the activities of these splinter groups. Former minister Al-Sahaf claims he had no goal, apart from pulling Luna out of its crisis.

Along with the help of some as of yet unnamed armed forces, he was able to recapture a somewhat damaged oxygen factory, as well as a CO2-scrubber. After taking hold of a local military base, he was able to dissuade pirate activity for a while around the planet.

While maybe not much on the scale of the entire colony, these actions were able to bring attention to this former minister. With more and more of the splintered military and police forces now choosing to report to this individual, instead of waiting for some form of government to form, mister Al-Sahaf was slowly able to build a task group, that was able to liberate strategical and vital positions on the surface.

Mr. Al-Sahaf has promised that fair elections will be held soon. He maintains that the unrest should have time to settle down, and that negotiations with SevCol and the other colonies will have to wait until the Lunar citizens have been able to make their choice. He did announce, that all Lunar ships are to fly using a human pilot, for now. He was stated as saying: “We may still not agree with all of the rules and regulations that are put upon us by SevCol. But, this is not the time to continue this discussion. There will be plenty of time, when Luna has a newly appointed government. But for now, we need to get our quality Lunar goods out there, into the solar system. After all, many companies depend on us.”

SevCol has responded with a lift of the ban for gate use for Lunar ships, as long as all of these ships are human piloted. They let us know that they look forward to discussion future policy with any newly formed government.

The implications for the people who have taken up arms, and captured Lunar property, remains unknown. Many have surrendered, and are currently in the custody of the temporary Lunar government. We have been informed that there are many unknowns when it comes to their future, as they are currently unsure which particular laws, especially of which governing body, were broken.


from our entertainment correspondentSaturn announces their first Comic Con

Back in the early years of the 21st century, there had been a popular occurrence where fans of television series, movies and even comic books could meet their idols at special events called Conventions. This ‘hype’ went on to the late 2040s, when the printed word became rare and the Hollywood Strike of ’49 and following Hollywood Pact prohibited celebrities from attending these conventions for at least five years, causing the hype to die.

But with the sudden interest in vintage paper comics and their respective merchandise, there has also been a demand for conventions where loyal fans could come together and meet their idols. And where the people ask, Saturn will answer with their first Comic Con.

“With everything that is going on right now, we figured we needed something that would help people get their minds of things and cheer them up”, SCC spokesman David Smith to our reporter, “A friend of mine, who majored in Earth History came to me with the idea of a convention where people could play games, meet people with the same interests and have a chance to meet their idols. And after a long night and perhaps a couple of beers, the idea for Saturn Comic Con was born”.

And they have already revealed their first guest.

LENA KARPOV will be attending this first ever Saturn Comic Con. Lena Karpov is a Martian actress best known for her work as “NATALIA ROMANOVA/NATASHA ROMANOFF” in the 2176 remake of THE AVENGERS.

Saturn Comic Con will be held at the San Diego Building on Rhea, Saturns moon, on June 21st-24th, 2181. Tickets for autographs and photo opportunities will be available soon.


from our SevCol CorrespondentHow to talk to aliens

The SETI Institute on held a conference one week ago at SevCol station on how to formulate a message that aliens could understand. An archaeologist named Paul Wason spoke there, and he thought the Rosetta stone has lessons to teach us about creating a message that aliens could decipher.

How did we ever figure out how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs, given that the ancient Egyptian language didn’t survive? French linguist named Jean‑François Champollion solved the riddle in the nineteenth century. Champollion used a stone slab found in an Egyptian town called Rosetta. It had the same inscription in two languages. One was Egyptian, written in two different scripts, one of which was hieroglyphic. The other one was Greek. Champollion could read Greek, and he used this knowledge to figure out how to read the hieroglyphs.

From the mid-twentieth century until today, scientists have been searching for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. If they ever find anything, they will need to know how to decipher it, and formulate a reply. Could Champollion’s accomplishment help?

There’s a problem though. Champollion and the Egyptians both knew Greek. Extraterrestrials wouldn’t know any human language at all. What could possibly take the role of Greek? The answer is: math. Basic concepts in mathematics, like numbers and counting might be universal. Astronomers know that the same laws of physics and chemistry apply throughout the universe. So, basic concepts of physics and chemistry might be universal too. But, that assumes that aliens’ minds work similarly to ours, when they may use different concepts to understand physics than we do.

How would you talk to an alien?


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