SNN News Digest (November 2, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Luna CorrespondentLovable Luna in Crazy Crisis

Multiple small groups have made a grab for vital parts of Luna society. Reports have reached us of fighting around the oxygen factories and air scrubbers. Also other vital facilities, like police armories and hospitals, have been laid claim to by a variety of insurgent groups.

Though SevCol has been quick to offer aid, they have been limited in what aid they can offer. Even after laying a temporary claim on all vessels that did not voluntarily go to help out with the Luna problem, there were still very few ships to go around. In light of this, these temporary SevCol forces have been focused primarily on critical locations.

However, with most of these forced now tied up in securing these locations, or locked in conflict with one of the terrorist groups, the question of what will happen to Luna over a longer period of time now arises.

Most people outside of Luna are waiting for a strong, legitimate leader to arise, who they might then back to get rid of the last few points of resistance. For now, the amount of individual groups holding on to their own little part of Luna is quite staggering, and a strong victor is unlikely to arise anytime soon.

How this many groups could take advantage of the death of Tony Branson this quickly remains a mystery. Far more arms seem to have been held by dissenters among the population than even the most pessimistic reports predicted. Furthermore, the amount of small groups willing to take huge risks for their cause seems remarkably high, even though these groups seem to have so few members that their odds of success must have been wildly exaggerated by their leaders.

The latest news is, that more and more parts of Luna are falling under control of one of these organizations. As the struggle to gain the upper hand continues between these groups, they seem to want to improve their position by having control over as much terrain and commodities as possible. Factories and warehouses storing not only exportable goods, but also the remainder of the emergency supplies, have recently come under assault.

What is certain, is that Luna is currently a hotbed that few would dare to venture into. Until it is clearer who might be victorious, most forces prefer to keep themselves out of the conflict, in fear of upsetting another group which would later turn out to be the new leader of Luna. But, what is clear is that the citizens of Luna can clearly not wait for this to happen. As time passes, more and more of their valuable commodities are being taken over by one of these groups.


from our Luna CorrespondentDeFans holds CO2 Scrubber

From the start of the Luna crisis, a group of insurgents calling themselves “DeFans of Luna” has stubbornly held the main planetary CO2 scrubber. Without this state of the art filtration facility, the population of Luna has to rely on Chemical carbon-dioxide scrubbers. With no new scrubbers produced on Luna at the moment, and no new supplies coming in from off-world, they are becoming a rapidly depleting resource. Without adequate recycling, and lacking resupplies from the GreenTree oxygen plant, time is slowly running out for Luna. The reserves will likely last for no more than two months, though the Luna Crisis is unlikely to last that long.

While earlier reports spoke of a successful raid against DeFans, current intelligence shows they still hold the facility. Long-range spotters from Luna City PD have reported additional barricades and spray-painted slogans instructing Red Moon supporters to perform questionable sexual acts with animals. There seems to be significant rivalry between both groups, as skirmishing occurs at the territory borders. No major confrontation seems to have happened since the opening day.


from our Mars correspondentRise of Crime on Mars

Do you feel like crime is everywhere? Recent data by the Census Bureau suggests you may be right! A recently concluded investigation has shown that petty crime, extortion, protection rackets and black market trade on Mars Station, as well as several surface cities has increased by 30 to 36 percent in the last month. Census Bureau analysts are baffled by this sharp increase.

Alphonse Jabak, analyst with the Census Bureau, states: “We have accounted for seasonal changes, trade issues, raven flight patterns, the developing crisis on Luna and over 80 other factors, but we just cannot account for this recent increase in criminal activity.”

So, stay wary, and keep a hand on your credit-chit if you live on Mars, or plan to visit there in the near future!

The Mars Central Police Department could not be reached for comment.

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