SevCol mission to locate lost ship successful; ship destroyed (July 9, 2180)

from our SevCol Station Correspondent

The mission SevCol send out two days ago to locate the missing Luna cargo ship has returned. Reportedly, the crew managed to find the ship or what was left of it, but the detailed results of the mission are not released to the news at this moment. SevCol investigations is currently researching the possible causes of the disappearance of the ship, based on the reports of  the crew and the passengers of the SCSS Celestra.

SevCol did release to SNN that the missing ship itself has been destroyed, including everything aboard. As of now, it is unclear whether this had happened before or after the SCSS Celestra arrived at the location of the ship.

2 thoughts on “SevCol mission to locate lost ship successful; ship destroyed (July 9, 2180)

  1. For those of you without encyclopaedic knowledge of the SevCol charter (ie. nearly everyone) I looked it up. Article 53 covers proper authorisation and identification of ships using the gate network, as well as using the gate while breaking/to break the law, damaging jumpgates and preventing other ships from using jumpgates… So a wonderfully broad accusation.

    Hey, SNN, maybe include that information in your articles next time. Saves us having to look that shit up.

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