Revised Player’s Handbook!

We, as gamemasters, have come to the conclusion that our existing Player’s Handbook is not very user-friendly. So, we decided to do turn it into a pdf and do a small overhaul, but we would LOVE some feedback from our players on it.

The main new points, other than the skills (on which we also welcome comments and feedback) are as follows:

Financial changes: Prices are more realistic for individuals and will be tracked. Financial matters are far more streamlined.
More gear: We made some additional rules for special gear, and defined categories for them.
Damage and healing are simplified and written down more.
Character advancement rules have been streamlined and balanced.
– Spelling! It’s terrible, and we really like if you pointed out any missing/misspelled/wrong words.

What you don’t have to point out:
– The formatting is terrible! Yes, we know. Blame GoogleDocs.

Check out our new Player’s Handbook via this GoogleDocs link! 

To comment, please select the word of phrase to comment on, then click the “Comment” button top-right, and then the “Comment” button on the new screen to add a comment. Please DO NOT type in the document.

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