Update on the Luna Crisis

Mere minutes after reports of an unknown group calling themselves Red Moon Faction attacking the Oxygen Production Facility, we have received reports of another group claiming they control the CO2 extraction and processing facility in Hyper City. Reports are confused, but they allegedly claim to represent the Defans (sic) of Luna group, and their demands include the immediate departure of all non-native luna citizens.
The HyperCity PD has withdrawn from both the CO2 scrubber and the Oxygen Processing facility, to “focus on defending the civilian populace”.


Luna explosion update!

We are receiving scattered reports of gunfire and explosions from nearby the GreenTree Oxygen production facility. We have also received a message from a group calling itself the Red Moon Faction, pledging to liberate the workers of Luna, for the greater good of all.
HyperCity police are currently warning all citizens to stay indoors and apply emergency drills for pressure loss and low atmosphere. We will update you a more…
Hold on.
The Red Moon Faction does indeed seem to be involved in the chaotic violence around the Oxygen production facility. We take you live to Olly Williams on the scene with HyperCity PD. Olly?
Olly? Hello?
We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties, and will keep you updated as the situation develops.



After the explosion on Luna prime riots have broken out in several communal stations in Luna’s orbit and in a number of settlements on Luna’s surface.

The authorities are struggling to surpress the masses, especially with the unknown status of Tony Branson.


Breaking news!

We interrupt this scheduled broadcast to bring you this important bulletin.

An unknown explosion has been detected aboard Luna-1, the main cargo and passenger hub over HyperCity, Luna. The explosion occurred around 1900 standard time and seems to have caused severe damage to the station. The heart of this disasters seems to be centered around the working office of the reclusive leader of Luna, Tony Branson, his whereabouts are unknowns as of this time.
Source report numerous hull breaches and severe damage to several docked vessels.

Stand by.

This just in: SevCol is calling on all nearby vessels with the ability to assist in damage control and rescue efforts. The current embargo against the Luna Free State is temporarily lifted.

Our thoughts are with those on Luna-1, and we will keep you updated on the situation.


PROOF! Celebrities involved in secret plot!

As we all know, secret societies are trying to create a New Galactic Order, and they are using celebrities to control the minds of the masses!

Celebrities are the perfect agents for the Controllers of the New Galactic Order (NGO) to manipulate the people because celebrities are being worshiped like the false idols they are, and celebrities are easily swayed by promises of fame and money.

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SevCol 7: and let me play among the stars. 11 March – 12 March, 2017.

SevCol is proud to present its first role-play event of 2017: SevCol 7: Let me play among the stars.

Just like last times we will be organizing a multi-day game! We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.

Take note: wildcards/NPCs receive a significant discount on the participation fee!


A short briefing on the in-game situation:

The Luna trade embargo continues and prices for Luna-specific electronics and technologies are at an all-time high, with many companies trying to reverse-engineer Lunar tech.

After about a month of idling at Mars Orbital Station after the failed mission to deliver a diplomat to the moon, Mr. E has another mission for the crew of the Celestra. A meeting has been set up between a representative of Mr. E and the commanding officers of the Celestra, to discuss the details of the new mission.

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