Real life technology in SevCol

The use of modern, real life technology and gadgets like smartphones, tablets and other devices is allowed, and even encouraged in the SevCol Larp setting. None of these devices are required, but they are definitely useful.

Official uses

In the setting, several features of smartphones and tablets will be used, as well as other devices.

  1. A QR code scanner and internet connection will be required to use your phone as a multiscanner, giving you valuable information on most items. If your phone doesn’t come with one, please download one from your appstore. This is especially useful for engineers.
  2. Any web browser can be used to access to IC library database, to look up information on multiple IC topics, as well as tech manuals and other information. This information will also be available on the library computer.
  3. A USB stick will serve as your IC wallet, known as a credstick. Without a USB stick of any type, you will have to rely on much slower IC bank transfers.

Other uses

Other uses of your smartphone or tablet may include looking something up on the IC library database, recording audio evidence of incriminating conversations, photographing objects, consulting your superiors before you do something dumb and any number of things you can come up with.

Other things can use range from flashlights to night vision goggles and from calculators to AR-goggles. Any other (nonhazardous) gadgets or devices you think may be useful are probably allowed, but please check with the GMs before you bring them.

Do remember that devices can only do in game what they can do in real life.




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