Welcome to the Players Handbook for the Seven Colonies LARP system (SevCol). LARP (Live Action Role Play) is a combination of improvisational theatre and gaming. Every participant of a LARP assumes a role, playing a character as part of a larger story. This story is not fixed beforehand, but is the result of the interaction between the various characters, and between the characters and the plots that were designed by the organisers and game masters. The role a participant plays can be fixed over many activities, with participants playing the same character every time, or they can vary within an activity, with players taking on a variety of different roles.

In the SevCol system, the stories will take place on a spaceship in the 24th century Solar System. The spaceship is a ship for hire, flying missions for paying customers, governments, or intergovernmental organisations. This means that everyone must have a reason to be on board of this spaceship. You can play as a crewmember, marine, stationed diplomat, trader, passenger, refugee, or something else (for more information, see chapter 3: characters, ). Which character you play will of course influence what happens to you: For instance, if you play a passenger and the ship has reached the destination you wanted to travel to, you will most likely have to leave the ship because your characters goal is reached. In this case, if you want to play on, you will have to either create a new character, or work out a new reason for staying on board. Of course, if you play a crew member, you will be on the ship no matter what, because crew members run the spaceship together, and cannot leave the ship during service (you thereby commit yourself to a more long-term role). 

This Handbook contains the rules and background information you will need to play out these stories. You don’t have to memorize this whole book, but we would like all players (independent of their LARP experience) to read through this book once, in order to understand the basics. A pdf file containing this handbook can downloaded here. Please read the Prologue for  a short story illustrating the various things that will be going on in the spaceship.

If you have any questions or remarks, please post them in the comments below the page they are about.

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