The Seven Greater Colonies

Earth-Logo-Icon Earth: Nature Reserve Earth

The whole planet Earth has been declared a protected nature reserve. No goods or passengers are allowed to be transported to or from the planet. A visit to the Earth is possible, but is very expensive. Earth is inhabited by a wealthy elite, who live in high-security domed cities, and various primitive groups who are trying to survive in the huge wildernesses that resulted from the Great Crash.

You will not come across many people who are from Earth in space. It is possible to play an Earthling, but you will need a very good reason for having left the planet.

Luna-Logo-Icon The Moon: The Free State of Luna

The Moon was the first celestial body that was colonized. This was not for raw materials; the Moon quickly became a favorite holiday destination for rich earthlings, with massive casinos and entertainment complexes. This so-called New Vegas was established by the famous billionaire Tony Branson. After the great crash the Moon suffered a severe blow a large part of the population either died or emigrated to Mars or further. However, a group of rich people around Tony Branson stayed behind. The Luna Free State is still a major financial center in the Solar System; the Luna Stock Exchange by far the largest stock exchange. Because there is much venture capital available, much research and development is also being done.

Mars-Logo-Icon Mars: The Mars Union

Mars and its moons are fully colonized. Millions of people live in domed cities and underground complexes. Huge control systems are needed to keep these facilities running. These control systems are in turn controlled by a number of AI’s (artificial intelligence). The administration of the planet consists of technocrats; politicians who specialize in explaining data provided by AIs. Although Mars has a thriving private sector, in which all big corporations have huge operations, the Martian government is a big bureaucratic organisation.

Life in the cities dome on Mars is similar to life in the cities on Earth before the Great Crash.

Jupiter_Logo_Icon Jupiter: The United Moons of Jupiter

The gas giant Jupiter is uninhabitable, but the various moons of the planet (Europa, Io, Ganymede and Callisto) are extensively exploited by several large corporations. The Jupiter system is governed by a democratically elected Senate. The Jupiter government provides law enforcement, security, waste disposal and some infrastructure. Senator is a favorite sideline job for High CEOs of corporations.

The residents of the Jupiter system live their lives as cogs in the machines of the corporations; their whole life is determined by the company where they work and live.

There are five major corporations:

Furthermore, there are many small corporations, but they tend to go bankrupt or be taken over by the big five, or are highly specialized and not anywhere near as broadly oriented as the megacorps.

saturn-icon Saturn: The Saturn Collective

On the various moons of Saturn (Titan, Enceladus and Mimas) are several settlements of people who have broken loose from the corporations, who have set up their own collectivist society. To own property is looked down upon in this colony, which is controlled by the Central Collective.

Beyond the solar system: Alpha Centauri

Through a complicated jump gate network humanity has also reached the nearest star, Alpha Centauri. There are now two colonies:

Eden-Logo-icon Eden and Kordoss

Eden has a breathable atmosphere, but a failed terraforming project rendered it unfit for large scale colonization.

Kordoss is a very rich planet where much mining takes place, mainly by the UAC. Kordoss is being stripped of all of its mineral sources for use in the Alpha-Centauri system.

LuxLucis-Logo-Icon The Worlds of Light: Lux & Lucis

Lux and Lucis form a binary system, the planets are also known as ‘The Sisters’.

Lux is a highly controlled planet currently undergoing terraforming. Tight regulation prevents the mistakes that created Eden. The government seeks to adjust parameters so that the planet is more suited for people and vice versa.

Lucis is the smaller planet of the binary system, and less habitable than Lux. Here small-scale tests of new plants and animals are performed in large domes that simulate the Lux ecosystem.

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