Very Short History

In the 22nd century, mankind has swarmed out throughout the Solar System and beyond. This was all made possible by the discovery of the graviton and the invention of artificial gravity, in the first half of the 21st century. Not only is this invention extremely useful to generate gravity in space ships, scientists have also used artificial gravity to create so-called Jump Gates, which can be used to cover large distances instantaneously. Currently, a great number of Jump Gates have been distributed throughout the Solar System, and interplanetary travel has almost become routine, although it is still very expensive.

A number of colonies have been established on various moons, planets and on stations in deep space and orbit. At the beginning of the colonization of the solar system, these colonies were dependent on supplies from Earth for their survival, until a few decades ago they suddenly needed to get independent of the Earth for their continuing existence. The Earth’s ecosystems have been getting worse for a long time, which became apparent in the 21st century. After more than a hundred years of ever increasing huge natural disasters, famine and disease, the Earth’s government decided to stop al imports- and exports to and from the planet. This point in time has been named the “Great Crash”; the colonies were suddenly left to their own devices, many of those lacking most sophisticated materials and technology needed for complete self-reliance. After a period of deep crisis, the colonies managed to set up their own research labs, production facilities, and trade networks. Nowadays, most colonies are self-sufficient and thriving again.


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