Treatment and Cures

Wounds that go untreated will get worse as time passes.

If any wound goes untreated for 5 minutes, you are knocked out. If any wound goes untreated for 10 minutes, you are very likely dead.

Treatment must be administered as realistically as possible; simply tying a strip of cloth around an arm will not treat a wound. A realistic bandage is required to stop the bleeding. Advanced medical gear may work faster than bandages. The better a wound is treated, the less like a complication is likely to occur (The GMs will decide if a complication occurs).

First-Aid allows someone to stop a wound from bleeding. You will not be knocked out or die quickly, though you may still die from complications, which will depend on precisely where you were hit, and with what.

EMTs can prevent complications by properly cleaning a wound, removing shrapnel, tying blood vessels or using advanced medical gear to treat injuries. Complications will only arise from very bad injuries.

Surgery may be required for very serious injuries, or to treat complications from other medical issues.

If you are hit in a treated wound, you automatically suffer a complication.

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