Safe Fighting

1) Think about what you’re doing!

2) Do not fight if you are not sober. If you have been drinking alcohol (even if only a single consumption) or use certain medications that affect your reactions or have certain limiting constraints you should not fight!

3) Your weapon must be approved by the organization’s weapons master. This applies to both melee/strike weapons (like daggers and knives) AND range-weapons/NERF guns.

4) Pull your strikes: always ease the strength of your strike, before hitting someone. Thus, slow down before the weapon touches the other.

5) Always look behind your opponent and warn them about potential obstacles.

6) For a strike weapon, the head is NOT allowed as hit location. Hitting the head is forbidden; thus, be careful with underarm and overarm strokes. For NERF guns, the head does count, but head shots are forbidden at “point-blank range”, meaning that for safety you are not allowed to shoot from close by the other participant’s head/neck.

7) Do not hit sensitive body parts such as fingers, genitals and breasts.

8) No physical contact! Your melee/strike weapon can hit an opponent, but your hands or feet may not.

9) Do not run towards your opponent to attack him; you might accidently bump into him.

10) Stabbing with strike weapons is never allowed (the fiber of the LARP weapon might break loose and actually/OC hurt the other badly).

11) Do not use the NERF gun as a strike weapon: Don’t smash people with it.

12) Do not make deals with players to play out a fight circumventing any of these rules (for example, by playing out a fist fight). Even if you both agree to it, someone else might see this and decide to copy you.

13) Always wear safety glasses in Red Alert situations, even if you do not expect to see any fighting. When in doubt, it is probably wise to protect your eyes anyway.

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