When you are struck by a weapon, be it a knife, a booby-trap or a fully automatic machine-NERFgun, this is called a Hit.


Any weapon deals a single Hit per strike. Nerfguns, grenades, thrown weapon and melee weapons all count as a single hit. A salvo from an automatic weapon or shotgun counts as a single hit, though multiple impacts will require more treatment.


With nerfguns or grenades, hits may be made to all body parts. At point-blank range, the face, neck and groin are not allowed. If you wish to shoot someone in the face, simply shoot into your hand. With Melee weapons, hits to the head, neck and groin are not allowed. Remember to wear safety goggles for your own protection.


Any Hit must be acted out realistically, this means they HURT a lot, at least until you receive painkillers. Regardless of the situation, if you are hit, you must fall down. Wounds that go untreated may develop a Complication.

  • If you are hit in a limb (arm or leg) you lose function of that limb.
  • If you are hit in the Torso, you are incapacitated and cannot move beyond a slow crawl.
  • If you are hit in the Head, you are knocked out.


Marines are equipped with armor, which is usually a kevlar armored undershirt (not visible), or can be visible armored gear. If you are a marine in armor, the first hit in a combat on your torso has less effect. You are still knocked down, and in enough pain that you are down for the count for this combat. However, this wound is easily treatable, and will not even leave a scar after treatment. Hits on armor never cause a complication. The second hit on your torso affects you as normal, because your armor is damaged. The self-repairing fibers of the armor will regenerate quickly after any fight, meaning the armor will be fully effective after a period of downtime (about half an hour).

If you have a helmet, it is part of this armor. If you are hit on your helmet, you are knocked unconscious by the impact, but the wound is once again easily treatable (no more than a bandage or some salve is needed).

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