Using a skill in game will generally mean playing out a skill as it is done. Applying a bandage, firing a gun etc. Some skills will be more abstract, such as repairing the ship, reconfigure ship weapons or upgrading missile launchers, for these we have a few rules.


A character can fulfill up to two Roles aboard the ship. For a starting character, these will generally be the role or roles she is certified in. A character can gain multiple certifications, but can only ever have a maximum of two roles. If you wish to adopt a third Role, you must abandon one of your old Roles.

If you create a new character, you can pick one or two Roles from the list below, these represent your character’s specialized fields, as well as your official certifications to use those skills. You will later be able to gain additional certifications in-game, either from other players, from NPCs or from out-of-game educators. Additional certification usually comes with a financial cost.


Every Role comes with a list of certificates. This list is not complete, if you feel your character should have a certain certification (or that a skill should be possible without a certification), please contact the game masters. You can chose three Certifications in your Roles, either 2 certifications in one role, and 1 certification in another role, or all three certifications in a single role (in which case you only have 1 role)

Note that some certifications come with special IC knowledge, for which you will receive a Loresheet. This Loresheet is OC-only, and can not be given to other player, or copied. It represents years of study and experience.

Andy wants to play a combat medic. He selects Medical and Security for his roles. He gets the Specials for both Medical and Security, and chose EMT for his medical certification, as well as Surgery. For his Security Role he selects the Medium Weapons certification.

Getting certified

It is possible to gain more Certifications in the game. There are three steps to gain a new Certification: First, you need to spend time studying and training, preferably with a player who already has this Certification. Second, you need to pay a certification Fee, which varies per Certification. Finally, you need to take an exam (preferably with a player who already has this Certification).

Some certifications, such as most of the Civilian certifications, do not fit in this form. Please contact the Game Masters if you wish to learn a new certfication.

List of Roles and Certifications

No certification required

These skills can be used by anyone with proper instruction and do not need to be certified. Note that this does not automatically mean everyone knows how to use these skills. Please stick to your background and follow the logical path for your character.

Uncertified skills: using a light weapon, crewing a console, using SevBook, using regular devices and technology for their intended use, buying things from people who are present in-game.


Engineers keep the ship running, they can help improve and modify ship systems, as well as tinker with new materials and systems.


Engineers can use SpaceTape and repair the ship, they also build and modify devices.


Shipboard systems
Make modifications and improvements to the shipboard systems, like Reactor, Engines, Sensors etc.

Shipboard defenses
Make modifications to the ship weapons, such as Beam Weapons, Armor and Missiles.

Small arms
Build, maintain, upgrade and modify weapons, from the smallest single-shot weapon to the largest man-portable weapon

Small craft
Build, maintain, upgrade and modify shuttles, fighters and similar vessels.


Doctors, medics, surgeons, dentists and psychologists all fill the Medical role. Everyone can tie a bandage, but Medical players can use more advanced medical equipment and know all about their respective fields (and even a little outside them. Pulling out a bullet is a little like pulling out a tooth, right?)


Medical players can provide First Aid and use sickbay equipment.


First Aid (Free for Medical)
Bandage a person, give them basic painkillers, put someone in stasis.

Stabilize trauma wounds, remove bullets, assist in surgery

Surgery(requires EMT)
Perform surgery on a patient, stop internal bleeding.

Internal medicine
Specializes in the working of the body. Knows everything about how people work inside

Mental Health,
Psychology, psychiatry, counseling.

Understand the workings of infectious diseases, viruses and bacteria


Scientist have all the answers. They can analyze things, test and prod and poke and somehow produce an answer. Usually, it’s the right answer too. Scientists are on the cutting edge of knowledge.


Scientists can use their multi-scanners or shipboard equipment to analyze unknown objects/compounds.


Chemistry and Biology
A Master’s level understanding of chemistry and biology

Planetary science,
A Master’s level understanding of Geology, Planetology, Atmospheric science, Hydrology.

Physics, Gravitics and Jumpgates,
A Master’s level understanding of Physics, and you have a pretty good idea how jumpgates work.

Computer Technology/Programming,
You can hack systems, write custom programs and get the most out of existing software

Communications specialist.
You can send messages to anyone, using any comm-system in existence. Required to communicate outside of close range radio or sevbook.


Security can be cops or mercenaries, marines or special forces. Anyone focusing on shooting people and breaking things is in the Security Role.

Special: Security personnel can wear armor, can carry weapons off-ship without getting arrested (when permitted).


Medium Weapons
You know how to use, reload and clear medium weapons (non-electric nerfguns with a magazine up to 12 rounds)

Heavy Weapons (Requires Medium Weapons)
You know how to use, reload and clear heavy weapons (electric nerfguns and/or guns with a magazine 12 rounds and larger)

Rival (Requires Medium)
You know how to use, reload and clear Nerf Rival weapons (this is required in addition to Medium weapons or Heavy weapons)

You can use explosives and grenades and are capable of doing demolitions with these.

Investigating crimes and backgrounds is your second nature. You can run background checks and check a crime scene for evidence.


Not everyone is cut out for the life of a hero/villain. Some people are just… regular people. Or that’s what they say, at least. This role includes anyone from refugees to CEOs and from nannies to SevCol councilors.

Special: Civilians have the broadest income/employment options. Some contacts and resources (credits!), as well as special privileges are only available to the Civilian role.


You are rich. Either you have rich parents or have created your own fortune. You live at luxury level 5.

Very Wealthy (Requires Wealthy)
You are insanely rich. You own a shipping line, are CEO of a large company or you mother was the Duchess of a moon. You can buy anything you want. You laugh about people living at luxury level 5.

You know the value of products, where they will fetch a good price and when something is a scam. You have contacts to procure are items and can always find cargo.

Friends in high places. These friends are willing to help you out, but they expect some help in return now and then. Please specify whom you know.

Understanding the political process, you can influence your own colony in ways that nobody else can.

You are a well respected figure within a certain religious or political movement or group. You are an expert in the rules, ethics and motivations within your group.

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