Money and Property

The currency in the Solar System is the Credit (Cr). Each person requires credits, if only to buy food and shelter. Most people in the Solar System, therefore, have a bank account, which can be used for financial transactions. Furthermore, people can carry credsticks, which are specially secured memory sticks that can be used to store credits and make payments. 

As long as a character is on a ship, he does not need to pay for food and shelter, though he may be charged for what is used while aboard. This goes for all crew members, of course, and will also be the case for passengers. Passengers will have already paid substantially to fly on the ship, and meals are always included in the ticket. During activities, which usually will take place on ships, a character therefore basically needs no money. However, for the periods outside the spaceship, characters do require money.  If your character wants to stay alive between the missions of the ship, he or she needs a certain amount of credits that will buy him or her food and shelter for the period. The length of this period will be indicated by the game masters soon after an activity. If this period is too long for the amount of credits your characters has, please contact the game masters about the consequences. 

 It goes without saying, that staying in upmarket hotels and eating at the finest restaurants is somewhat more expensive than renting a cheap bunk and buying food at the supermarket. The amount of credits your character needs to sustain itself depends on the luxury level your characters lives. To simplify matters, we have defined 5 luxury levels, each with associated living cost. These cost will vary somewhat on different locations in de Solar System, but the table gives a good general approximation.

Luxury Level   Description Living Cost per month
1   One tiny step up from being homeless Cr 150
2   Student-like, Working class Cr 700
3   Middle Class Cr 1100
4   Upper Class Cr 2000
5   Elite  > Cr 6500

Of course, these cost go down if you have access to some accommodation. For example, if you own an apartment somewhere, you will need substantially less money to sustain yourself if you are staying in that apartment. However, you can only do so if the ship ends its mission on the location of that apartment. Since the ship will be flying missions all over the solar system and beyond, you will most likely end up in another place. Furthermore, owning or renting an apartment brings additional cost. You might have to pay rent, or interest for a mortgage, local taxes, electricity, and so on. If you want to have your character renting or owning a house or apartment somewhere, contact the game masters for more information.

Because of the living cost, every character needs an income or capital. The crew of the spaceship share in the profits made by the vessel during a mission. One of the crew members, the quartermaster, is responsible for the ships bank account, and will take care of paying the crew their shares after all other costs for the ship have been paid. Assigned characters will also get paid for their mission; the amounts involved are strongly dependent on the mission and the client that pays for them. Passengers will have to have another source of income. Additionally, passengers need to pay for their ticket on the spaceship. When you create a passenger character, you will have to indicate where you get your money from. If you can’t think of a good money source, contact the game masters.

Income for most characters will not be a steady stream, but will consists of relatively huge sums that get paid every once in a while. For example, a crew member may spend months with the docked ship while it is being repaired without getting any money. If the repaired ship then performs a mission, the crew member will get paid her share of the profits all at once. Money that is not needed immediately for living cost can remain on a bank account, but it can also be invested on the Luna Stock Exchange, where the shares of the big corporations are traded. There are also other ways to invest money, but these can only be performed by certified financial specialists.

Apart from food, shelter and investment characters can spend their money on goods and services. Prices will be roughly comparable to current real-life OC prices; a laptop computer would cost between 400 and 1200 credits (dependent on quality), a good chef’s knife about 100 credits, a bandage roll about 2 credits, an anti-ship missile about 400 000 credits However, the economy of the Solar System is very dynamic, and prices can vary depending on location, or can change due to inflation or deflation.

New characters in SevCol do not start with a fixed amount of credits or a standard list of equipment. Starting money will be dependent on your background, and will be determined by the game masters. For crew members, all equipment that might be needed will actually be present on the ship. Asssigned people and passengers can possess equipment, as long as it fits their background and the player has a phys-rep for it. When in doubt, please contact the game masters.

As for weapons, the same rules apply as for other equipment. A character can possess one light sidearm, or if the character is a marine possibly two light weapons, as long as the character has a valid reason in their background to possess a weapon. Otherwise the weapon should be purchased in-game. Light weapons (security licence) are the only ones available to use for players in this stage of the game. Light weapons are rather small, not battery powered and don’t have a magazine nor a lot of shots (more than 6-8). Heavier weapons (police licence & military licence) will be available to own later in the game. If you are in doubt whether your weapon is okay to use, please contact the game masters and send them a picture of your weapon, plus the background of your character.

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