Bridge crew

Every player aboard the ship can function on the bridge by manning a console. This requires some unique skills, which can only be acquired in the game, by doing it on the bridge or in a simulator. There is no Certification required to crew a console.

In some cases, it is possible to hold a SevCol license for a bridge station. This License makes a person far more employable and desirable to hire, but it does not necessarily show skill or aptitude.

The different bridge stations are:

  • Command: The captain and his assistants, for instance his 2nd in-command (CO). Apart from commanding the ship, they are responsible for the ship’s bank account.

  • Tactical: This section deals with all weapon systems installed on the ship, planning attack and defense.

  • Engineering: Repairing the ship, regulating the energy distribution, ensuring that the reactor operates, building and repairing mechanical and electronic equipment.

  • Navigation: Provides navigation through jump gates, analyzes unknown phenomena and solve complex problems.

  • Communication: Communicates with other ships and planets, controls the library computer and works on linguistic issues.

  • Helm: Controls speed and heading of the ship, and the equipment needed to pass a jump gate.

  • Service: Quartermaster, Cooks, councillors, logistics, and other essential activities on board the ship. This is not a specific station, but is very important on the ship.

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