A costume is the easiest way to recognize a character in a certain role. However, you do not need to create or buy something overly elaborate. Sometimes a character with a simple costume can yield the most memorable scenes. Putting together a costume doesn’t have to be difficult  or expensive in a sci-fi setting.

Your character’s clothes are dependent on whether you are crew, assigned, or passenger. Crew members on spacecraft wear uniforms, just like crew members on real-life airplanes or ships. Also, marines assigned to the spacecraft wear marine outfits. Both crew uniforms and marine outfits are based on long-sleeve buttonless shirts with a logo of either SevCol or of a contractor the character works for. These logo’s are available for download, and it will also be possible to purchase the printed longsleeves from the organization.

If you are not a crew member or marine, your clothing will reflect the colony you are from, and the luxury level of your character. You can find inspiration for your costume in the descriptions of the colonies in the Encyclopedia Galactica. Please find some guidelines and example pictures below. Note that these are only guidelines; we do invite you to use your own creativity and imagination in creating a nice and affordable costume for your character. If you are not sure what to wear, please contact the gamemasters.


Nature Reserve Earth


Clothing is made from sustainable fibers like hemp, soy, bamboo and linen or sometimes wool, dyed with natural dyes. Plastics are also gathered from the environment to be recycled as clothing or accessories. Clothing is extremely fashionable, occasionally resembling works of art. Curious shapes are popular, like standing collars, pointed shoulders and armor-like hip plates. The higher the luxury level, the more outlandish and fashionable the clothing.


The Free State of Luna 


People from Luna you usually encounter are either venture capitalists, computer scientists or lab/tech scientists, sometimes sales persons. The capitalists are real Yuppies, usually wearing very expensive but casual clothes, and living on a high luxury level. Computer scientists could wear casual geeky or business clothing, think silicon valley yuppie. The lab/tech scientists mostly wear their labclothes, and almost all live on a lower luxury level then the capitalists. Salespersons would usually wear a plain casual suit and a long coat, living on a similar luxury level as the scientists.


The Mars Union

Mars Civil Servants and diplomats mostly wear rather plain suits, living on a medium luxury level. Businessmen from the Red Planet also wear suits, but these are generally a little more fancy and expensive, as they mostly live on a higher luxury level.

If your character is not an official or business executive, there are many different fashion styles to choose from. Mars fashion styles are as diverse as Earth’s fashion was in the 21st century; styles even depend on the region of Mars which you are from. Usually people wear simple, every-day practical clothing, with a look depending on their own taste and luxury level.


The United Moons of Jupiter 


Most people from the Jupiter system that travel in space are business men and women. They wear formal business suits, living on a high luxury level. Often, their ties and/or jackets display their company logo. Workers from the Jupiter System rarely travel in space, but there are a few workers who are working in spaceflight. These workers live on a low luxury level, and mostly wear work clothing like coveralls, displaying their company’s logo prominently.


The Saturn Collective


People from the Saturn Collective wear plain, hand-made clothing, often consisting of several layers and made of a wide variety of materials. The cut of the individual pieces of clothing is usually rather simple. Muted colors are used, and a lot of browns and grays. Since pieces of clothing are often shared amongst Saturnians, clothes are usually not fitted nor made to size. Suits do not exist in the Collective. People living on Saturn all live a simple life on a rather low luxury level.




Settlers on Eden look ragged, with recycled and patched-up clothing and equipment. Clothing often incorporates furs and leathers of hunted animals. Most people from Eden are living on the lowest luxury level, out in the wilds.




Clothing is mostly a mix of black, dark brown and dark grey. Clothing is practical and usually does not have any decoration. People living on Kordoss are rarely seen without a dust mask or breathing mask and goggles around their necks. They often wear a cowl of waterproof material which also fits over their head. People from Kordoss usually live on a low to medium luxury level, depending on their ranks.




People dress is beautiful flowing clothes, very colorful and richly embroidered, often made from thin, shimmering and gauzy materials. They wear fancy oxygen masks, usually in metallic colors, embellished with jewels. As seen from the outside, people from Lux live on a high luxury level, though they themselves usually do not see the value of money.




People from Lucis usually wear lab coats and lab clothing, bearing the ‘sun’ logo of the worlds of light, sometimes accompanied by a company-logo. When accompanying a prominent person from Lux, they may look somewhat more formal and wear a suit, usually a white or cream-colored one. People from Lucis live on a comfortable medium luxury level.



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