This LARP creates a story for and by the players’ characters. To participate, the first step is creating a character. Creating a character means making a number of choices for his or her background and skills.

If you have no idea what you want to play, you can register for the activity as a Wild Card. The Wild-Card option means that the Game Masters will create a character that fits both you and the mission the ship is currently undertaking. A Wild Card character will mostly be created for a specific event, but if you like the character, it is of course possible to keep on playing it.

To create a character yourself, you start with the two most important choices:

  • Where do you come from?
    Your character will be born on and raised in one of the colonies described on this page. There are no intelligent alien life forms in this setting.

  • Why are you on the ship?
    There are three ways in which you can have ended up on the ship:

    • 1. Crew. The crew are those directly responsible for the management and maintenance of the ship. They earn an income by participating in freelance assignments with the ship for anyone that can pay for an assignment. Examples are the captain, engineering, science officer, cook, tactical officers and doctors. Crew is divided in sections (see appendix B)

    • 2. Assigned. These people are commissioned by an organization. They may be a aboard for a short period, for a specific mission, or prolonged. They are paid by their client. Examples include marines, diplomats, merchants, politicians, scientists and researchers.

    • 3. Passenger. A passenger is usually only on board for a restricted time, and is usually en-route to a specific location or is aboard with a specific purpose. Passengers pay for their passage, or have other arrangements. A passenger can be any type of character: tourist, trader, refugee, journalist, spy, scientist, or anything else you can think of, as long as the character has a reason to travel on the ship’s current mission. Passengers are expected to actually be in transit, and thus will be on board for only one or two activities, unless they have a good IC reason to stay aboard.

Background Story
After having made these two choices, you can give your character a background story and personality. It might help you to develop your character by thinking about what the character has experienced so far and how this has shaped him or her today. Think about, for example: How and where did your character grow up and how did this experience shape his or her current attitude? Does your character have romantic partner/s, and what impact does this have on him or her now? Who are his or her friends and foes; from the past and now? Did your character experience dramatic events earlier in life and how did this build his or her personality today? What kind of person is your character (egoistic or altruistic, introvert or extrovert, cautious or curious, compassionate or analytical, nervous or confident; more of an alcoholic, or more of a teetotaler character, honest and fair, or a backstabbing bastard)? What are your character’s hobbies, if any, and how can he or she fulfill these onboard the ship? Background will help you immerse yourself into the character. Don’t overload your character with all kinds of extremes, but play around with reality to establish fiction!

We also encourage you to give your character some personal goals. For example, your character may want to become an admiral, commanding a fleet of warships, or president of a colony. Or the character may have lost a loved one, and is looking for revenge. Perhaps the character is pursuing obscure scientific research, or is looking to establish a very profitable trading business. Or maybe the character is fed up with the secure and boring life in the colonies, and just wants to live an adventurous life. Pursuing these goals will add greatly to your game experience. The Game Masters will ensure there will be opportunities to reach your goals. This may not be easy; the more ambitious your goals are, the harder (and more fun) they will be to obtain.

Change of plans
Of course, if you play an already existing character, it is possible to change the reason you are on the ship. If you played an assigned researcher, for example, you might opt for a career switch, stop your research, and enlist as a crew member. If you played a crew member, but somehow got very rich, you may decide to leave your job and join the ship as a paying passenger. If you played a trader that travelled as a passenger, it may be possible to join a trading delegation on a diplomatic mission, and thus change to an assigned position.

The game masters always have the final decision of whether a character is allowed in the game or not. Also keep in mind that some crew positions have a maximum number of players. The sooner you register for an activity and send your character to the game masters, the more can be done to accommodate your character and his or her goals in the game/plots. So, register early !

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