Weapon Check

If you want to use a weapon in the game, it will need to be checked by the game masters first. There are no absolute rules, but we use the following guidelines for melee weapons. The core of the weapon should be firm (fiberglass or carbon fiber) and surrounded by a sturdy yet flexible foam of a thickness of one to two centimeter. The tip of the core should have a safety cover (a piece of fabric, etc.) and may not sit too close or too far away from the end of the weapon. Furthermore, the core should be firmly attached and the weapon must not sway. Finally, the foam must be coated with latex and Isoflex or otherwise sealed to form a waterproof whole.

For firearms the following rules apply: A weapon should fire soft foam projectiles; darts, discs or balls. This means that plastic arrows, airsoft guns, paintballs and other similar weapons are NOT allowed. Only NERF and closely resembling weapons are allowed. You must let the game masters check your weapons before in-game time.

Please be advised that not every weapon will be allowed in SevCol. Even some official NERF guns will be restricted in the setting. For starting characters, only single-shot weapons that do not use a magazine will be allowed. If you want to use a specific weapon, please contact the game masters before purchasing it.

We reserve the right to reject any weapon for safety reasons. If you’ve modified your weapon, please ask in advance if you are allowed to use it.

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