Man-down: The exclamation “man down” is called when someone gets badly hurt (not hurt in game, but hurt in reality) and needs to be treated immediately. Stay STANDING with the victim and wait for the person qualified in first aid. All others who hear “man-down” must sit down or squat immediately, so the first aiders can spot the victim. If there is no first-aid near the accident, someone will get first aid there as soon as possible. The game is now frozen until the call of “Time In” is made by the game masters.

Telraam”, the safe word: If something happened that you find emotionally difficult for OC reason, you can stop play immediately with the word “telraam”. The other person has to stop playing! Then you can walk away with your hand up and just take a rest if you need it. Please inform the organization so we can see if you’re okay. This rule is not intended to prevent IC problems, it is only for situations that you cannot cope with OC.

Red / White Ribbon: Someone who cannot fight for OC physical reasons, will wear a red / white ribbon. This person should NEVER be attacked or touched physically! These individuals MUST actively avoid fights. If you do encounter them in a fight, tell them that you stab or shoot them, but never touch them.

Battles: ALWAYS follow safe fighting rules in the list in the section below. Anyone who attends SevCol for the first time must follow a “safe fighting” instruction from our weapon master.

Safety Goggles and red alert: Safety goggles are MANDATORY for all players. Even if you do not plan to participate in combat, you will need to wear them in the following situation. If you hear the red alert sound (we will demonstrate this sound to you before the game starts), you are REQUIRED to put on your safety goggles. This is for your OC safety. The goggles can be regular safety goggles, airsoft goggles or even a full helmet. The rule is that safety goggles should cover your eyes from the front as well as from the side, so most normal glasses won’t apply. If in doubt, please check with the game masters. You will always have to carry these goggles with you.

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