Privacy, photo and video policy

Modern audiovisual technology will be used extensively in the SevCol Larp. Pictures will be taken, videos will be shot, and recordings will be made of your character. However, as we are very privacy conscious, we will not use any audiovisual material outside of the game without your explicit permission. Although we will be using pictures, videos and recordings for documentation and PR-related purposes, we will only do so if you agree with this. If you are not comfortable with having your photo or other material being publicly available, please let us know.

Every participant is allowed to use their camera, smartphone, or other device to record people and events in the game. However, any audiovisual material recorded by participants can only be used in the game. We will not allow participants to publish such material themselves without our explicit permission. This is the only way in which we can guarantee privacy for our participants. Furthermore, such material can contain sensitive, plot related information, that would harm the game if it leaked out. If you want to post or publish your own pictures, videos or recordings made during the game, please let us know. We will check whether the material contains any elements that can not be made publicly available, and will only give you permission to publish if this is not the case.

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