General Rules

Separate IC and OC: Ultimately this is just a game. Leave your problems from outside the game (OC) outside the game, and your problems within the game (IC) within the game. If you still have a problem and cannot resolve it yourself, please approach the organization or game masters.

Physical contact: Keep it safe and behave appropriately. . Simple rule: when in doubt whether another person agrees with an act, do not do it.

Romantic or sexual relationships: IC relationships are of course permitted. However, do not go further than the other person permits OC, even if something appears to work out IC for the other. It is best to consult with the other in advance about your limits in these situations.

Alcohol: Always drink responsibly. Never fight (not even with LARP weapons) if you have consumed even a small amount of alcohol. The best time to drink is after time-out in the bar.

Drugs or narcotics: Possession and use of these are not allowed during the entire activity (IC and OC). Substance abuse is one of the few things that will get you a permanent ban on the activity.

Language: Speak just like you think your character is supposed to speak, but keep in mind that everything you say is IC, and you can expect an appropriate IC reaction. OC racism is not acceptable. (“All Martians are idiots” is acceptable. “All Dutch people suck” is not.)

Property: Be careful with the property of others and of the organization. If you break something, you may be held financially responsible.

The Game Masters and Organization: We try to make it fun for everyone. You can always come to us with questions or comments. If it’s not urgent, please wait until there is a quiet moment, as we can be very busy mastering the game. Sometimes we may ask you to do something that is not in the rules. You will have to obey these requests. Game Masters have the final word on everything that happens during an activity.

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