The story so far

This is what has happened in the SevCol events so far. It is not common knowledge to everyone in the universe (yet). If you want to learn what happened in character, you may want to skip this page.

Event 0: Short larp

The Ceres Belt Bedouins, led by Red Hipster, attempt to become an independent colony, instead of depending on piracy to get their livelihood. To accomplish this, they ask help from the established colonies.

The result: Red Hipster gets left behind on a damaged space station, running out of air, together with a few representatives of the colonies. They pass away before help can arrive. Mars does take up the offer to support the Ceres Belt Bedouins. Also to reduce piracy in this area.


Event 1: SevCol Academy

A new ship (the SCSS-Celestra), payed for by known philanthropist Mister E., will need a crew. This crew is nearing the end of their training. But, the headmaster of the academy, Lyrianne d’Augustella, becomes poisoned in a mysterious fashion. She is transported to a hospital on Luna, who has access to the latest Lunar medical technology, but she’ll take months to even start to make a recovery.


Event 2: LC247-B

The internship flight for the future crew of the SCSS-Celestra. As the Celestra isn’t yet finished, another ship is borrowed, from Gerald Fitzpatrick the 1st, and quickly modified: The Dejah Thoris. SevCol received an alarming message from the mining colony LC247-B, full of panic, followed by radio silence. The ship is tasked with investigating what has happened.

At the mining station, the crew find almost no signs of what has happened, only a very few bodies. They do eventually find security footage, showing and armed group killing the miners, and shoving the bodies out of the airlocks.


Event 3: R&R

Some of the crew take a well-deserved holiday. But, their shuttle gets kidnapped while in transit to their holiday destination, by a group called the Neo-Ludites. This group is afraid of technology, especially newer ones, bringing ruin to humanity. After the group contacts their leader, it is made clear that their leader does not agree with this group’s course of action. Negotiations are strained, and many of the Neo-Ludites are, despite their peace-loving leader, killed. The leader lets the crew go, for political goodwill.


Event 4: Lost in Space

The crew gets their diploma at SevCol Academy. The SCSS-Celestra is ready as well. SevCol has a mission for the crew: A ship is missing. The Celestra finds this ship floating in space, with no crew. The ship has an AI, which has malfunctioned, and has been flying the ship autonomously. This is very much against SevCol regulations. The crew of the Celestra takes the AI core with them, and hands it over to the authorities.


Event 5: Have Spacesuit – Will Travel

The SCSS-Celestra started on a station in Jupiter. Many goods are purchased for trade, and a route is taken around any areas of conflict, to maximize profit from trade.

Many goods are delivered to the Ceres Belt Bedouins.

EMP technology is experimented with on order of the ship’s owner.


Event 6: Fly me to the Moon

Luna has hit political hot water, due to the use of an AI as the pilot of a spaceship flying through jump gates. The SCSS-Celestra gets the mission to transport a politically important person safely to Luna. They are attacked while underway, and the crew feels they are forced to return to where they left: Mars station. Next to this, some of the crew learn that there is a group of people on Luna, who are asking for help. It’s a group of people with severe genetic defects, and there seem to be quite a few of them.


Event 7: let me play amongst the Stars

SevCol has rescinded their permission for Luna ships to use jump gates. As a response, the leader of the Luna colony, Tony Branson, has stopped all export of Lunar products.

As Mister E. is keen to help the Lunar population, and wants to do profitable trade with Luna, he sends a gift to Tony Branson with the Celestra, along with his wishes to start such negotiations.

Shortly after the crew has docked on Luna Station and met with Tony Branson, a large explosion happens aboard the station. The crew of the Celestra manages to escape from the disintegrating station, but Tony Branson was clearly at the heart of the explosion. The crew does manage to save several other people from the station, for which some of them will receive medals at a later time.

With the disappearance of the Lunar leader, chaos seems to reign in the colony. Several factions have arisen, and try to get the power in the colony. They do this, by taking over key infrastructure. SevCol sends all available ships, amongst which is the Celestra, to bring stability and calm to the stricken colony. The Celestra joins one of the factions out for power, a group with a Saturnian mindset, the Red Luna Faction. Together with this group, other key infrastructure is taken from another faction, the DeFans of Luna. Due to the manner of first contact with the Red Moon faction, and probably earlier happenings, the captain of the Celestra attempts to commit suicide.

Al Zahaf, a former dignitary of the Luna government, attempts to restore sanity to Luna, by trying to rally the population against the many factions afflicting their colony. He hopes to restore peace to a sufficient degree, so that elections can be held again. The new leadership of the Celestra confers with this individual, and will later decide to confer with him for SevCol.


Event 8: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

From the GreenTree Oxygen Plant, held by the Red Moon faction, the crew of the Celestra attempts to restore peace to the Lunar colony. SevCol disagrees with their earlier decision to join one of the population-upsetting factions.

Endeavour offers to help restore stability to Luna, and Al Zahaf continues to urge the regular population to resist the terrorist factions threatening the colony.

Several key facilities are freed and/or helped with their issues, and are thus able to return to active duty. The crew decides to further confer with Al Zahaf. They negotiate an accord, which dissolves the Red Luna faction, and banishes its members from the colony. The leader of the Red Luna faction decides to travel with the Celestra while working on her manifesto, and the crew has arranged for the rest of the faction to be transported to the Saturnian colony (along with the previous captain).


Event 9: An Assembler Darkly

Peace seems to have returned to the Lunar colony. An agreement has been made between it and SevCol, allowing Lunar ships to once again make use of the jump gates, and Luna to once again export its products (some of which were highly needed in other colonies).

The SCSS-Celestra gets a mission from SevCol to investigate suspicious Evol activity on Calisto. They pretend to be a ship looking for odd jobs, and apply for work at Evol. Their first mission is to pick up an Evol employee from a transport vessel, and transport him to Evol headquarters.

The next mission involves looking into an Evol vessel, with which headquarters have lost communication. This ship was transporting an important piece of technology.

When the Celestra found this ship and docked with it, after receiving no response to all attempts at communication, it seemed as if something akin to a computer virus was transferred to the Celestra, and key systems began to shut down. In a rush, all of the crew had to evacuate to the Evol vessel.

On this vessel, all crew members seemed to have vanished. After checking security footage, it was ascertained that all airlocks on the ship were opened simultaneously. As they were looking into the computer systems of this vessel and into repairing the Celestra, the crew came under attack by armed mercenaries. While under attack, the Celestra was repaired by engineers in spacesuits, and the majority of the crew managed to retreat to the Celestra and escape.

The technology being transported by the ship was most likely the reason for the suspicious activity. However, after conferring with SevCol, it was ascertained that the technology was not illegal, and it was returned to Evol (without letting them know they were being investigated).


Event 10: Orphans of the Sky

The Celestra is sent on a mission to find out what was going on with the mutant group on Luna (mentioned previously in event 6, the group with many and/or serious genetic defects).

Upon arrival at Luna Station, they find wanted posters for the leader of the Red Luna faction. Furthermore, they find a representative of the group they were sent to investigate, who gives them encrypted data that they had not been able to decypher.

One of the Celestra crew indirectly informs the local authorities that the leader of the Red Luna faction is aboard the Celestra. The Celestra receives the promised reward, but is kindly asked to remove this person from the colony forthwith.

Hence, the Celestra quickly left, their investigation not yet completed, to return to SevCol station. Here, both the leader of the Red Luna faction and the crew member who informed the authorities of her, are kicked off the ship. A small contingent of the crew takes a taxi from just outside of Lunar orbit to the colony, to finish the investigation.

The crew manages to decipher the encrypted messages, and finds a trail of the doctor who is most likely responsible for the mutations. They follow this trail to Jupiter. While underway, they encounter a large cargo vessel. From this vessel, a number of fighters disembark, and attack the Celestra. After destroying and disabling all attackers, the Celestra docks with the mothership. This ship seemed to have no crew, but to be controlled by some sort of computer.

After arrival on Calisto, they find that Evol has distanced themselves from the offending doctor, and that he (anticipating this action) had already fled. The Celestra continues following his trail, to Alpha Centauri.


Event 11: Beyond This Horizon

Immediately upon arrival in Alpha Centauri, the Celestra is attacked. As part of the attack, a gas is released in several stricken areas of the ship. A large part of the crew, everyone who did not happen to be on duty during the attack, is taking out of commission for a few days due to the gas. The current watch just about manages to survive long enough to be rescued, and their saviors tow the Celestra to the nearest space station, Customs-3.

Here, SevCol lends the remaining active crew of the Celestra another vessel, the SCSS-Maester, to ascertain what happened, and to disable their attackers. They discover that the ships that attacked them were unmanned and controlled by computers, and that there is a factory that has been repurposed to make these computers. These computers are housed in blue suitcases, that that they’ve seen on the vessels that attacked them. They also find one of these suitcases controlling a sentry turret.

They manage to put a halt to this factory, and return to Customs-3, where the rest of the crew is slowly recovering from the initial assault.

Lastly, the crew has learned that there are several other factions also looking for this doctor, the one that’s responsible for the mutations on Luna. One of these groups is the Neo-Luddites, previously encountered in event 3.