SevCol 11: Beyond This Horizon

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers,

SevCol is proud to present its second role-play event of 2018: SevCol 11: Beyond This Horizon. We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday on 13 & 14 October, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.

The coming event will once again be held at the ‘Cee Spot’ in Enschede, our new location everyone seems to love! Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by October 3rd, as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.


After careful detective work on both Luna and Callisto, the crew of the Celestra has determined that the much sought after geneticist Henry Cotton is likely to be found somewhere on Lucis. They decided to pursue him, following the trail of clues.

But who else may be on the trail of this doctor? And what consequences may the doctor’s research have on the lives of humanity? Do we even want such knowledge out there? The crew of Celestra is journeying out towards the Worlds of Light to find the answer to possibly some of these questions.

Meanwhile, other troubles are brewing in other places in the Alpha Centauri system, as troublesome reports from Kordoss are hitting the news. Workers are speaking out about the terrible working situations in the mines and the heavy industries the planet is known for. As the workers are speaking out and uniting against the companies’ upper management, more are joining their ranks, creating a ruckus which might even lead to a great revolt.
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