SNN News Digest (September 11 – September 22, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


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SNN News Digest (September 3 – September 10, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


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This just in: News update from Luna! (September 1, 2180)

We interrupt this broadcast of “BigShots!!!” to bring you an announcement from the Luna elected Governor Tony Branson himself. Following the recent troubles with Luna vessels he has released this statement:

My Fellow Lunites, Citizens of the Solar System.

For days now, citizens and ships belonging to the Luna Free State have been detained off-world against their will. This had caused billions of credits of financial damage in lost shipments, failed deliveries and seized vessels. Even more damage was caused to our people, hearts broken and families split apart for days. It seems like the SevCol general assembly did not contemplate one moment about the large scale consequences of deriving a “punishment” like this, not merely on our economy but on the lives of our citizens as well. I will personally make sure every Luna citizen has a way to come home in the next few days!

Furthermore, this unjust punishment for a victimless “crime” cannot go unanswered. With the damage to our economy and way of life, we can do no other but institute measure to protect ourselves. The duly elected government of the Luna Free State shall, from this day out, enforce our right to selective trade of products deemed critical to our continued survival.

To preserve our economy and society in the face of the unjust punishment, we have decided to restrict space lift, transfer and transport of cargo from Luna to vessels registered to Luna only. For the protection of our sovereign citizens, no cargo shall leave Luna space, unless it is aboard a Luna registered ship. Remember, this is our right under the Seven Colonies charter, it will stand until such time as we no longer feel economy threatened by outside parties.

That is all.

Breaking News Update (August 15, 2180)

Ever since the Council went into a prolonged closed session on August 8th, there has been a complete shutdown of information, but that is about to change. SNN is here live at a press conference on SevCol station where press secretary Cregg will read a statement on what we presume are the allegations levelled against the Luna government by the Neo Luddites. Here he comes.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

On August 8th, during the public session of the General Assembly, we were presented by a claim that the Luna government is intentionally and repeatedly in violation of the Article 53 of the Seven Colonies charter. As you all know, Article 53, more commonly known as the “AI Pilot Law”, states that a human operator must be in command of any spaceship during gate transition.

After briefly adjourning to examine the claims, the matter was transferred to an investigative subcommittee, whose conclusions I will share with you. First however, I would like to apologize for any delays in communicating with you. Due to the nature of the allegations and their possible repercussions, we wanted to double and triple check our findings.

The claim made was that the Luna registry vessels LSS-28 Emmett Brown and one other ship whose name shall remain classified for now, have made gate transitions under control of an AI pilot. The Luna government has vehemently denied this accusation and has cooperated fully in the investigation.

As supporting evidence we were presented with the AI in command of the Emmett Brown at the time of the violations. We would like to thank Mister Samuel Joshi and his compatriots for their action in the delivery of the evidence. Interrogation by cyberneticists and thorough investigation of both the stored logs and anti-tamper protocols have lead us to the following conclusions.

On June 29th and July 2nd  and 7th, as well as other unconfirmed dates, the Luna registered and licensed ship Emmett Brown has made use of the gravitational transfer gate system while not  under the control of a registered captain of pilot.

Please, hold you questions till the end.

In the interest of pursuing the goals and objectives of the Seven Colonies, the General Assembly has voted in closed session with an outcome of 25 to 10 in favor of denying all further access to the jumpgate network by vessels under Luna registry, crewed by Luna captain or pilot, or owned by any party based wholly or in part on territories owned or claimed by the Luna Government. All such vessels shall proceed to the nearest planet or station for full inspection of their systems or crew as applies.

Any gate transitions away from the nearest planet or station will be denied. Please be aware this will entail delays for all gate travel in the coming few days.

I will now take 5 questions.

Breaking news: Luna breaking SevCol regulations? (August 8, 2180)

From our SevCol station correspondant:

Yesterday night, a statement was released by the Neo Luddites, their leader, Mr. Joshi claims to have uncovered irrefutable evidence that vessels operating out of Luna, under Luna merchant registration are in violation of Article 53 of the Seven Colonies Charter.

During yesterday’s Council meeting, Mr. Joshi claimed to have evidence for his accusation. Before revealing his evidence, the Council chairperson, Diana Khanolkar adjourned the meeting, reconvening in closed session shortly after. At the time of writing, the SevCol Council has been in session for an unprecedented 21 hours. SevCol will keep you updated as the situation develops.

The Neo Luddites, led by Mr. Joshi previously made themselves known by hijacking a passenger shuttle for ransom, and have since made several accusations concerning abuse of power and technology by multiple governments and corporations. The Neo Luddites could not be reached for statements.

SevCol mission to locate lost ship successful; ship destroyed (July 9, 2180)

from our SevCol Station Correspondent

The mission SevCol send out two days ago to locate the missing Luna cargo ship has returned. Reportedly, the crew managed to find the ship or what was left of it, but the detailed results of the mission are not released to the news at this moment. SevCol investigations is currently researching the possible causes of the disappearance of the ship, based on the reports of  the crew and the passengers of the SCSS Celestra.

SevCol did release to SNN that the missing ship itself has been destroyed, including everything aboard. As of now, it is unclear whether this had happened before or after the SCSS Celestra arrived at the location of the ship.

Entertainment News : Movies

Richard Wilkins III. announced today that after his current project “Transdimensional Horror” (working title) he would attempt a sequel to the 20th century classic “Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure”. The new project is preliminary titled “Bill and Ted and the timetravelling cabinet”. To celebrate the occasion he announced that he would stage a free movienight on SevCol station of his previous horror hit movies “It came from the fusion core” and “Terror of the Saturn collective”. On a more personal note Richard Wilkins III. thanked the crew of the S.C.S.S. Celestra for their support in his filmmaking efforts and stated that he looked forward to future cooperation with SevCol and the crew of the S.C.S.S. Celestra in particular. Richard Wilkins III. is the son of director Richard Wilkins II. director of the famous spy thriller “The lunar exchange – hi espionage and hi finance”.