SevCol 5: Have Spacesuit – Will Travel. 2 July – 3 July, 2016.

SevCol is proud to present its next live role-play event in the first weekend of July. Just like last time we will be organizing a multi-day game! We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.

A short briefing on the in-game situation:
After the previous event and the discovery of the lost LSS Emmett Brown, related activities have led to significant upheaval in the solar system. Upheaval means opportunities and risks abound for any crew in space. Aboard the SevCol Space Ship Celestra, your future is open for you to decide. Literally.

You find yourself near Jupiter, repairs from your last encounter just barely completed, from there you will decide on your own course: influence the political situation, help your friends, hinder your enemies, or simply make a quick buck? The choice is yours.

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SevCol at Maker Festival Twente

SevCol was present at the Maker Festival Twente at May 28-29 2016.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, our SevCol bridge setup was a huge success!
Many kids and a number of adults were having lots of fun with the game, showing off what you can achieve when working together.

We spoke to many people who were really interested in our LARP, and thanks to this event we can now welcome some new players at our next LARP event!

Photo by Christina Bakuchava Photo by Christina Bakuchava Photo by Tessa van Raalte

SevCol 4: Lost in Space. April 2-3, 2016.

SevCol is proud to present its next event in the first weekend of April. This time, we will be organizing a multi-day game! We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between. This enables us to play the first real mission of the LFSS Celestra. We have found a pretty cool location to do so, and we hereby invite you all to come and join us for this epic adventure!!!

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November 7th: SevCol R & R

After the exciting and exhausting events on LC-247b, it is time for some R & R !

Every year, the famous shipping magnate Archibald Laurow invites the new recruits at SevCol Academy for their spring break. The cadets are flown to the Big Rock Candy Mountain Hotel, Laurow’s five star luxury resort on de Martian moon Deimos. Here, they will spend a week resting, recuperating, relaxing, and recreating. The trip is quite popular with the Academy’s students; not only because the resort is known for its extreme decadence and debauchery, but also because the trip is a good way to land a job on a Laurow Lines ship after graduation.

Interested midshipmen should report at the MUSS Archibald Laurow, currently docked at SevCol Station. Upon demonstrating their status as student, they will be allowed free boarding for the ship’s trip to Deimos. The ship has limited capacity, but there will not be that many other passengers, as it is currently off-season. Tickets for the Earth System – Deimos route are extremely cheap during early spring, indicating a low demand for this passage.

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SevCol 2: The Mystery at LC-247b. September 5th, 2015, Amersfoort

We are happy to announce the second SevCol event, that will take place on a railway yard in Amersfoort !  A small and agile spaceship will be built using two real-life trains, generously made available by the Stichting Historisch Dieselmateriaal. The ship will be used for an in-game mission to find out what happened to a mining colony on asteroid 4179 Toutatis. What is the reason for the sudden loss of all contact with the colony ? Pirates ? A labour strike ? A corporate takeover ? Or perhaps a catastrophical technical failure ? Join the mission to find out ! It will be a one-day event, focussing on what-you-see-is-what-you-get roleplay in an immersive science-fiction environment.

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