Breaking News: Kordoss miners killed

Breaking news on the Kordoss Crisis!

Recently news has reached this news station of a deadly incident at one of the mining-claims in the disputed regions on Kordoss. Details are scarce at this time, but eye-witness reports speak out dozens of casualties.

Janey Hoffah, current spokesperson for the independent miners is placing the blame with the UAC corporation. “These people don’t know when to stop grabbing more and more, and they don’t care who gets hurt!” says Janey Hoffah.

UAC’s Kordoss Office representative Brent Spar could not be reached at this time. His office let us know that UAC would never be involved in any attacks or actions against existing claims or against the independent miners of Kordoss.

More information will be published as it becomes available.

Special Report: Kordoss Riots

Hello, I am Meros Dragovich, with SCNN

Today, we bring you an update on the Kordoss situation. As we all know, UAC has recently started exploiting new claims on Kordoss. Numerous private miners have since left to UAC, touting much-improved conditions, higher pay and shorter hours.

Last week, UAC revised their “come all” policies on Kordoss, leading to growing discontent among private miners who have sold their claim and are now unemployed. These recently unemployed miners have been forced to rely the generosity of the local Saturn Refugee Movement employees, who have come to Kordoss to “assist the Downtrodden”, according to Janey Hoffah.

I stand here at the UAC recruitment office, which has recently been firebombed by parties unkown, alledgedly in retribution for the rejection of over 50 miners who, according Janey Hoffah, have unfairly been failed out of UAC training, after being previously approved.

Union Aerospace Corporation has released the following statement:
“We regret the recent turn of events. We were overwhelmed with the influx of new workers, and while UAC is extremely thankful for the trust you have placed in us, we regret to inform you that there are currently no vacancies in our local branches for miners. We predict future growth opportunities will create additional opening for skilled miners and support personnel, so keep an eye on our employment boards!”

A new addition to the Celestra Chronicles!

Yet again our Star Reporter Killian Robertson has managed to bring us a thrilling story about heroics and betrayal! In a weird twist of events (can you really call it coincidence?) Killian crosses paths again with the weird crew of the mysterious ship Celestra, a ship that seems to be deeply involved in everything strange and suspicious going on nowadays. Killian met the Hero, mister G. Madsen, shortly after his triumphant return to his home colony of Luna. He just singlehandedly turned in the dangerous terrorist A. Ensslin to the authorities at SevCol station, but was immediately betrayed by his very own captain, the captain of the Celestra, who had the heroic Madsen confined to the brig at SevCol station as well. Madsen is now safe and well at Luna, but you’ll have to read Killian Robertsons EXCLUSIVE report for yourself to believe what has happened!

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Celestra harboring dangerous criminal

Independent News just got word that the SevCol vessel SCSS Celestra has been offering a safe haven to the known terrorist Andrea Ensslin. She was captured when she tried to set foot on SevCol Station. She was apprehended by the courageous bounty hunter G. Madsen. She is currently being held at the brig at SevCol Station. We sincerely hope this criminal will finally be brought to trial so that justice can prevail. We will do our utmost to keep our readers updated on this matter.

Endeavour saves Luna from CO2 Poisoning

Among the chaos on the surface of Luna, the destruction of a vital facility has gone unnoticed until this morning. Sources talk of an altercation of unknown persons nearby the facility, followed by an explosion and a fireball rising from the burned out remains of the plant.

The destruction of the Luna CO2 scrubber facility has lead to a rising fear of suffocation among the Luna citizens. Rising carbon dioxide in the air was predicted to be fatal to 50% of the population within 78 hours.

Thankfully, upon learning of the impending tragedy, the Endeavour Computer Systems Megacorp has graciously volunteered to retool their Xenon Liquification Facility to remove excess CO2 from the air. Endeavour Scientists stress that this is not a permanent solution, but their hard work and sacrifice will make it possible for the people of Luna to breathe freely for another few weeks.

Endeavour PR reports that their effort are extremely costly, but to save the people of luna, no expense would be spared.