Breaking news (May 3, 2180)

Alarming news from several directions have reached our correspondents:

An R&R trip that has left SevCol station a few hours ago, has apparently met with piracy and terrorism.

Demands for a transfer of funds has been sent out by several passengers, as well as alarming comments about ” seeds” ?

Any news will be published as we receive it, we wish the poor passengers all the best, of course.

13 thoughts on “Breaking news (May 3, 2180)

    • If Earth government didn’t kick everybody off the planet in the first place, something like this didn’t NEED to happen at all! All humans should have the RIGHT to live natural lives on the planet we are evolved on!

  1. Earthian security ? Keeping things secure is pretty easy when you allow nobody on your planet, of course. But for the rest of the Solar System, there is only one company to go to for complete security solutions: Phalax Inc. !!!

  2. Helo, here, from the MUSS Archibalt.

    Neo-luddites are responsible for this attack and killed one crewmember, indicating their willingness to do everything, even murder to obtain their goal.
    After an uprising by several off-duty Phalanx members we sadly eliminated three of the hostage takers. Two Neo-luddies were captured, including their Leader Samuel, an old man. I took temperorary control over the ship, but our course was lost. Since they also destroyed a part of the reactor (With deadly radiation effects) the only way we could find shelter, was on the station which the Neo-luddites occupied.

    For several reasons fighting was not an option, but some kind of a truce was reached with more reasonable members of their group. Afterwards the passengers and all the neo-luddites boarded the ship, which was temperorary fixed. Our current destination is determined again by the neo-luddites and unknown.

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