Breaking news: Luna breaking SevCol regulations? (August 8, 2180)

From our SevCol station correspondant:

Yesterday night, a statement was released by the Neo Luddites, their leader, Mr. Joshi claims to have uncovered irrefutable evidence that vessels operating out of Luna, under Luna merchant registration are in violation of Article 53 of the Seven Colonies Charter.

During yesterday’s Council meeting, Mr. Joshi claimed to have evidence for his accusation. Before revealing his evidence, the Council chairperson, Diana Khanolkar adjourned the meeting, reconvening in closed session shortly after. At the time of writing, the SevCol Council has been in session for an unprecedented 21 hours. SevCol will keep you updated as the situation develops.

The Neo Luddites, led by Mr. Joshi previously made themselves known by hijacking a passenger shuttle for ransom, and have since made several accusations concerning abuse of power and technology by multiple governments and corporations. The Neo Luddites could not be reached for statements.

3 thoughts on “Breaking news: Luna breaking SevCol regulations? (August 8, 2180)

  1. Leave it to the Neo Luddites and mister fancy pants to make big claims and then bolt before actually backing them up. I expected nothing less; well done dipshits.


  2. I don’t think that’s the real question. I’m just more curious about the evidence mister Joshi had to make these acquisitions because it turns out he was right after all. So in my opinion the real question is how did mister Joshi ever knew that Article 53 was violated?

  3. A fair question, though I have to refrain from reveailing my sources. Luna is bound to have a blood contract out to silence those exposing their crimes and I cannot endanger them by releasing tracable information.

    We might have our differences in values, but I’ll always give credit where credit is due. Sevcol protocols match our stance of banning the use of AI, motivated by very real concerns around preservation of humanity. As the threat was immediate, so was the response required. Sevcol could provide exactly that and I am pleased they did live up to their principles.

    Yes, we Luddites operate outside conventional norms. Not by choice, but as a defensive reaction to economic terrorism inflicted on us. We could have sold this AI on the black market for a fortune, or back to Luna who’d eagerly agree to any price to ensure our silence. Both routes would have financed our dream of independence by incredible margins.

    But our values and dedication to humanity itself will always come first, regardless of differences of opinion. One would do well to reconsider who the real monsters are instead of regurgitating what your media tells you to think.

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