Breaking News: Kordoss miners killed

Breaking news on the Kordoss Crisis!

Recently news has reached this news station of a deadly incident at one of the mining-claims in the disputed regions on Kordoss. Details are scarce at this time, but eye-witness reports speak out dozens of casualties.

Janey Hoffah, current spokesperson for the independent miners is placing the blame with the UAC corporation. “These people don’t know when to stop grabbing more and more, and they don’t care who gets hurt!” says Janey Hoffah.

UAC’s Kordoss Office representative Brent Spar could not be reached at this time. His office let us know that UAC would never be involved in any attacks or actions against existing claims or against the independent miners of Kordoss.

More information will be published as it becomes available.

To the citizens of Luna

We of the SevCol News Network have recently published a message addressed to the citizens of Luna by the former Minister of Education, Micah Al-Sahaf.

Earlier today we broadcast a message we received from the SCSS Celestra which seemed to discredit the message and intentions of Micah Al-Sahaf.
For the sake of unbiased journalism we will publish the response of Micah Al-Sahaf to SCSS Celestra’s message fully.

Dear citizens of Luna,

Recently, this network has published a statement by an unnamed Martian priest.
He calls for cooperation and a peaceful solution, which I obviously agree with.
But, he goes on to suggest we should work together with outside influences like SevCol. The help that SevCol is currently sending is appreciated to help us through the current crisis, the material help that is. However, the forces that they have sent are merely adding to the chaos.

We, as Lunar citizens, should come together and overthrow the outside influences. This will allow us to form a new government. I certainly plan to lend my expertise to this new government, but I absolutely do not plan on ‘ruling with an iron fist’. Mostly, I plan on leading an interim government, until calm and peace has been restored. At that time, elections will be held.

The allegations that I would work with DeFans of Luna are simply absurd. I have joined their (open) group on SevBook, to keep an eye on their activity, as any decently competent politician would have done.
So to all Luna Citizens, I say this: continue with your resistance, keep yourself safe, and work for the Luna as we all know and love. And don’t give in to the fearmongering and chaos spread by the many forces trying to influence the path that Luna should follow.

Update on the Luna Crisis

Mere minutes after reports of an unknown group calling themselves Red Moon Faction attacking the Oxygen Production Facility, we have received reports of another group claiming they control the CO2 extraction and processing facility in Hyper City. Reports are confused, but they allegedly claim to represent the Defans (sic) of Luna group, and their demands include the immediate departure of all non-native luna citizens.
The HyperCity PD has withdrawn from both the CO2 scrubber and the Oxygen Processing facility, to “focus on defending the civilian populace”.

Luna explosion update!

We are receiving scattered reports of gunfire and explosions from nearby the GreenTree Oxygen production facility. We have also received a message from a group calling itself the Red Moon Faction, pledging to liberate the workers of Luna, for the greater good of all.
HyperCity police are currently warning all citizens to stay indoors and apply emergency drills for pressure loss and low atmosphere. We will update you a more…
Hold on.
The Red Moon Faction does indeed seem to be involved in the chaotic violence around the Oxygen production facility. We take you live to Olly Williams on the scene with HyperCity PD. Olly?
Olly? Hello?
We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties, and will keep you updated as the situation develops.

SNN News Digest (September 3 – September 10, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


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Breaking News Update (August 15, 2180)

Ever since the Council went into a prolonged closed session on August 8th, there has been a complete shutdown of information, but that is about to change. SNN is here live at a press conference on SevCol station where press secretary Cregg will read a statement on what we presume are the allegations levelled against the Luna government by the Neo Luddites. Here he comes.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

On August 8th, during the public session of the General Assembly, we were presented by a claim that the Luna government is intentionally and repeatedly in violation of the Article 53 of the Seven Colonies charter. As you all know, Article 53, more commonly known as the “AI Pilot Law”, states that a human operator must be in command of any spaceship during gate transition.

After briefly adjourning to examine the claims, the matter was transferred to an investigative subcommittee, whose conclusions I will share with you. First however, I would like to apologize for any delays in communicating with you. Due to the nature of the allegations and their possible repercussions, we wanted to double and triple check our findings.

The claim made was that the Luna registry vessels LSS-28 Emmett Brown and one other ship whose name shall remain classified for now, have made gate transitions under control of an AI pilot. The Luna government has vehemently denied this accusation and has cooperated fully in the investigation.

As supporting evidence we were presented with the AI in command of the Emmett Brown at the time of the violations. We would like to thank Mister Samuel Joshi and his compatriots for their action in the delivery of the evidence. Interrogation by cyberneticists and thorough investigation of both the stored logs and anti-tamper protocols have lead us to the following conclusions.

On June 29th and July 2nd  and 7th, as well as other unconfirmed dates, the Luna registered and licensed ship Emmett Brown has made use of the gravitational transfer gate system while not  under the control of a registered captain of pilot.

Please, hold you questions till the end.

In the interest of pursuing the goals and objectives of the Seven Colonies, the General Assembly has voted in closed session with an outcome of 25 to 10 in favor of denying all further access to the jumpgate network by vessels under Luna registry, crewed by Luna captain or pilot, or owned by any party based wholly or in part on territories owned or claimed by the Luna Government. All such vessels shall proceed to the nearest planet or station for full inspection of their systems or crew as applies.

Any gate transitions away from the nearest planet or station will be denied. Please be aware this will entail delays for all gate travel in the coming few days.

I will now take 5 questions.